By: David Hernández and Elmer Vivas

Los Legendarios 001 is the first album to come from La Base, the new Puerto Rican-based record label and talent incubator started by reggaetón icon Wisin. The album is jam-packed with 19 tracks and a whopping 20 guest artists, new-school and old-school alike.

David: It’s almost impossible to be a fan of reggaetón for long without eventually coming across Wisin & Yandel. They rang in the 2000’s with their debut album Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio and never looked back. In many ways, “el dúo de la historia” defined a generation of reggaetón and have now had consistent and massive success for more than two decades. Their newest album, La Gerencia, is scheduled to release later this year. To some, Wisin may be better known for being half of Wisin & Yandel, but he has also had…

By: Elmer Vivas and David Hernández

Mora’s Primer Día de Clases is a meticulously crafted debut album, one where the thematic and sonic elements were cohesively brought together to create a refreshing and nostalgic experience. Even though it took over a year, Mora’s patience and care resulted in a project well worth the wait.

With Primer Día de Clases, rising reggaetón artist Mora formally introduces himself to the genre. Mora began making music with his cousin soon after figuring out that college was not the right step for him. While these songs began as a way to pass time and have fun, from the get-go, Mora posted these tracks on Youtube and Soundcloud. His breakout track was his 2017 single, “Pensabas,” featuring Eladio Carrion, Brray & Joyce Santana. Since then, Mora has continued to develop as a songwriter, producer, and overall artist. …

By: Matt Miller

If humility is a virtue, Myke Towers and Jhay Cortez epitomize vice in “Los Bo.” They remind us that we are mere subjects of “los reyes de la nueva,” left to observe the opulence, swagger, and apparent success that have befallen our royalty.

El bo is a colloquial term in Puerto Rico for boss, a title which confers power, influence, and wealth. “Los Bo” makes clear, in both title and lyrics, that Myke Towers and Jhay Cortez are, or at least consider themselves to be, los bo. “Los Bo” might as well have been titled “Los Boasts,” yet the song’s boastfulness hasn’t turned away listeners. This recent collaboration between these self-proclaimed “reyes de la nueva” (more on that later) racked up an impressive 7 million views on its music video in only a week. …

By: Elmer Vivas and David Hernández

Eladio Carrión’s sophomore album Monarca holds its own as an all-trap project with clever lyrics and creative sounds. In it, he makes a compelling case for why he should be considered a leading figure in the Latin trap genre.

Eladio Carrión has taken an unusual path to his current success in the music industry. With a father in the military, Eladio was born in Kansas and lived all over the United States before finally moving to Puerto Rico in middle school. At that point, he didn’t speak any Spanish but learned quickly with the help of reggaetón and novelas. Eladio swam professionally in Puerto Rico before his rise as a prominent comedian on Vine producing six-second videos. …

Los Musicólogos

Los Musicólogos was started by David Hernandez and Elmer Vivas to celebrate and discuss the growing genres of latin trap and reggaeton through writing.

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